Christine Weston Chandler says Merge is in Progress

Christine Weston Chandler Dimensional Merge she has reported that the merge is in progress and will take its final effect very soon. So what is going on?

Christine Weston Chandler Dimensional Merge
Christine Weston Chandler Dimensional Merge

Is this so-called merge a veiled reference to some kind of transformation she is undergoing? She claims that cartoon characters and deceased people such as Stan Lee will come back. Is she is making references to something analogous to a Pokemon hunt finding? Or is this a cryptic reference pointing to a major transition that she is going through? The only transition I can possibly think of is that winter weather seems to be coming early to the northeastern U.S and parts of the south as well. She mentioned a mix of rain and snow in her area that left her without power for a little while.

What will the Christine Weston Chandler Dimensional Merge bring us that is different?  We will have to simply wait and see what she chooses to comment about. However, judging from some of the comments from her followers, it appears that there are fans that are already up and running with this.

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